How to Order a Portrait

How to order a portrait

1.  Contact Lisa via email or phone to discuss requirements, leaving your name and contact detail

            -     email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

            -     mobile:  086 8283847

2.  Send photographs of your pet by email (as a jpeg) or by post.

3.  From the photographs we discuss:

     -     Composition

     -     Cost

     -     Time frame

4.  Once I have the go ahead the commission begins.

5.  On line viewing to see progress.

6.  Once payment received your Pastel Pet Portrait is posted to you.

7.  hang your Pastel Pet Portrait on your wall and enjoy!


Portrait size

An A3 sheet is a good paper size to work within, anything smaller does not show enough detail.

Within the A3 paper size the portrait can be cut to fit a few standard frame sizes that can be bought off the shelf.

For example:  10" x 12" and 11" x 14" frame

I supply the client with a finished drawing unframed.

Before ordering your Pastel Pet Portrait, think of the final presentation.

Your frame can either be off the shelf or custom made.

A mount is essential as it keeps the portrait away from the glass.

I can advise and supply a frame if required for an additional cost.

Before ordering send your photos to me and I will advise on the best composition for the Pastel Pet Portrait.

     -     Head shot

     -     Full body

     -     With or without back ground



Portraits within the A3 size start at 120 Euro plus registered postage.

Larger portrait sizes can be discussed on request.



By cheque (see contact details for address)

Finished pet portraits can be viewed on line before payment.

Please allow extra time if the portrait is a gift.

I will post the original Pastel Pet Portrait once I have received payment.

Finished portraits are sent by registered post.


Photographic tips

It is essential to have a good, clear photograph to draw a Pastel Pet portrait.


The ideal location to take your photograph is outside:

     -     not too sunny or there  will be too much contrast and harsh shadows

     -     not too dark or the image will be blurred

If taking a photograph inside:

     -     take the photograph in natural light by a large window

     -     a flash will cause green eye, but this can be altered using red eye software

Taking the photograph

     -     Get down to the same level as your pet

     -     Arrange for some one to distract your pet while the photograph is taken

     -     Think of Composition: 

     -     Face on, Head at slight angle, Seated or lying down,

     -     Sitting on a favourite chair, cushion or playing with a toy.

     -     Close up of features eg) eyes and face, fur colour.

     -     Don’t be afraid of unusual shots refer to ‘Upside down cat’ in cat gallery.

Take your time, build up a collection of photographs, you may need to take a good number of photographs to get a couple of good ones that can be used.

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